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Crypo Crime Club NFT Project

10,000 uniquely generated NFTs living on the Ethereum Blockchain focused on Prison Reform givebacks Partnership

Strategic partnership with xPad which provides our projects with a community of web3 and blockchain influencers, KOLs, developers, designers, and collectors who are all passionate about cryptocurrency, NFTs, and everything Web3.

Saving Endangered Species 1 NFT at a time. Solana Mint Machine with features on @NFT, Rarity.Tools and more. Built on a foundation of the community deciding on which animals and charities to support through the purchase of Solana NFTs.

Feng Shui Drivers

Feng Shui Drivers is an exclusive NFT project featuring 7,777 unique Feng Shui Animals that have a combined mixture of rare and authentic art, backed by a special Utility for holders.

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